The floods - Chertsey. Published in The Mail on Line

January 12, 2014

My home town of Chertsey in Surrey was under the media spotlight this weekend. The Thames had burst it's banks and homes close to the Thames were under water. Which ever news channel you watched Chertsey was on TV. BBC News, Sky, ITN. As well as the local Police helicopter there was also a Aerosptial AS350 helicopter being used to film the carnage. I ventured out on Saturday morning, my first stop was the local nature reserve 400 metres from my house. The whole place was flooded, what is usually meadow lands with wild flowers, it became a giant lake. The roads were flooded and one mad crazy fool had tried to drive down the road. The engine stopped, and the car left abandoned. After photographing the peace and quiet, I cycled over to Chertsey Bridge - closed to traffic. Lorries blocked the road preventing people driving down the road. Why ? The past several days had seen the road covered with water and cars, and lorries were still using the road, causing tidal waves, water splashing over the sand bags preventing the water from entering the homes. I know this road well, and met some of the residents but  I was in complete shock to see the amount of water flow. I actually had tears in my eyes and couldn't believe with what I was seeing . Just down the road is a mobile home site, homes were under water. Water was as high as a cars bonnet parked in the car park. Down in Laleham it was just as bad. I waded through water 3 feet deep photographing the homes that were flooded. How I wanted to live by the river in the past.Having taken a wide selection of images I went home in total disbelief with the utter madness I had seen. I downloaded the images and selected the best and uploaded them up to Matrix, my Agency. I had also tipped off Trevor, the owner of Matrix and he had covered the floods in Shepperton. Getty had been in Chertsey photographing the floods also. Four hours layer I get a txt from Trevor - The Daily Mail on Line had used 11 of my pictures.


Well Happy :-)



As well as the 11 pictures used yesterday, the Daily Mail used another 3  -  14 in total.