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Here I explain how I work as a wedding photographer and what you will get from me, and a few handy tips to find a wedding photographer.

After you contact me with an enquiry about your wedding photography, I would arrange a free no obligation consultation. This could coincide with an engagement portrait photo shoot if you would like. It gives you the opportunity to see how I work, and learn how to pose like models, we talk about what you want from me as a wedding photographer, I'm also here to help you and suggest any group shots you may want and any special pictures you would like. We talk about the venue and the timing of the wedding. The consultation could be also be held at your wedding venue and we could talk about some ideas for photographs.

As I've said this is a free consultation. If you decide you would like me to photograph your wedding day I ask for a deposit to book my day.

It's then down to you to let me know what pictures you would like, the time and location of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, I would dress like a guess, and would usually turn up before the bride is having her make up done. This is a great time to get some informal pictures. I would photograph the bridal preparation and details of the venue .  I would then photograph guests arriving.  My wedding coverage is for the entire day and covers formal and informal, candid shots. I like to think people reguard me as a guest and not 'one of those wedding photographers ' . I would usually end my coverage at the first dance.

It's then I edit the 1,000 or so images taken through out the day to a more manageable 300. These will be edited, 'photoshopped' and some converted to black and white.  This usually takes a day or so then once done I put them up on a private gallery on my website where you and your guests can view them . 

Okay lets talk about photographers. and why you should  book a wedding photographer . You may know someone who has a camera, a friend or relative and you thought I'll get Ben to take the pictures. Being a wedding photographer isn't being just a photographer on the day. Wedding photographers may visit the venue before, to find the best locations and light organise a time line for the day. He would be experienced at shooting weddings,  he would know what to do if it's raining and have the confidence to shoot all the guests through out the day.Lets talk about equipment.  Jonathan uses only the best equipment Canon pro bodies and 'l' series fast lenses. In his gadget bad there is a spare SLR body and lens spare flash guns and batteries. After the wedding there's another two days of work to do, all the images ( 1,000 + ) will get down down loaded and copied ' just in case there's a hard drive failure ".  Time is then spent sorting out the pictures from over the 1,000 pictures taken to a more manageable size of around 300 images.Each image would then be  fully edited and 'photoshopped' .Once completed the images are then uploaded on to an on line gallery.  

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